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Property 4 Exchange is here to help you save money from using our website to advertise your property.
A benefit for you is avoiding estate agent fees, which can potentially save you thousands, as these fees deducted on average 1-3% of the final sale price on your property. For example, if you sell your property at 250,000 using an estate agent (depending on the agent) you will lose 5000 pounds at a 2% fee. You can avoid this with our 0% fee policy.

However, if you do not feel confident or have enough knowledge about this subject, you can use an estate agent to help you. There are many different estate agents out there that will have a unique method of enabling you to sell as fast and easy as possible. This feature comes with a price of agent fees. Using an estate agent would be necessary for you if you are struggling to sell or buy on your own, therefore worth the fees to pay.



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