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Selling a property can be hard especially if you haven’t got the right guidance. Property4Exchange is here to make it as easy and as fast as possible for you.

When valuing your property you must consider the market in your area. This includes the price and how fast properties are selling. It’s proven that most estate agents will overprice your property to make you want to use them but this can work against you – as people will unlikely want to view it, leading to it sitting on the market for a long time and subsequently making it less appealing. This will most likely lead to you dropping the price of your property and paying a fee at the final sale. All of this hassle and time-wasting can be avoided by simply listing your property on our website.

In the past decade, online sales have been the most popular way to sell or buy a property thanks to its convenience. 92% of buyers start their house search online according to the latest researches. By using our service we can get your advert online ready to be viewed by thousands of people who use our site every day. If you aren’t advertising your property online you could be missing out on that perfect sale.

Property4Exchange allows you to create an advert that is low cost and in your full control: from the photos to the description, to the times of viewings. After all, no one knows your property better than you. This is the best independent way to sell and enables you to create a personal relationship with the buyer and make them feel at ease. We will use the best channels to promote your property to your target audience e.g. Google, Facebook and Instagram and so on.



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